We pair you with an industry Specific
hiring specialist.

So, you get what you want in your new hire. Whether it is freelance, contract-based, permanent, or full-time. Our recruiters are experts in the field they serve and have experience in a range of creative industries.

Matching The Right Candidates With The Right Opportunities

Our personalised approach not only assesses a candidate’s experience, education, professional portfolio and references but also their short term and long term career goals.

How does this benefit an employer?

A potential hire’s career goals can impact their job performance, longevity, and even company morale.

Our Services

The 24/7 Offshore Recruitment Support You Need

At Ocean Across Talent, going above and beyond is part of our DNA. We excel at recruitment and headhunting, and our clients recognise the expertise and reach of our In-depth knowledge, 24*7 support staff and the vast network of screened contacts they exploit to obtain the very best results.

Our RPO Service Models Are Designed Exclusive For Staffing Agencies

We offer Staffing firms a comprehensive range of services, including full-cycle recruitment, headhunting, CV sourcing and Vendor management services (VMS). But more than that, we can absorb those recruitment functions that are necessary but not critical, such as compliance requirements, database regeneration, job postings or resume formatting.

We thrive to offer our recruitment and staffing services with flexibility and speed that allows our clients to grow their staffing companies at a pace that suits them. More importantly, we empower our clients to achieve this at much-reduced costs.

Here are just a few of the sectors in which Ocean Across Talent excels

About Us

Let's Elevate Your Business By Tailored Strategic Recruiting

OceansTalent is an Offshore Recruitment Services Company that provides Elevated RPO Services far beyond what the typical RPO firm provides. We help staffing firms with our extensive range of tailored services. From recruitment & administrative services to accounting support and bespoke one-off creative solutions we empower our clients to gain a commercial advantage in their marketplaces through innovative cost-effective expertise.

OceansTalent has a renewed focus on delivering talent acquisition through superior technology, aggregate solutions and purposeful results.
With our extensive approach, quality-oriented delivery, end-to-end solution, meticulousness, knowledge, and timely delivery, OceansTalent has positioned itself as a leading provider of offshore recruiting services.

Our Services

OceansTalent provides the full range of recruitment services. From candidate screening, assessment, testing and placement services, to meeting human resource management needs that range from the temporary placement of support staff to


We undertake strategic and advanced searches to help Staffing agencies find the best talent across various job boards, social media and our expertise with boolean strings.
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Full Cycle Recruitment

A single recruiting solution for staffing agencies that work on all aspects of the recruiting process and adds value throughout the entire recruiting lifecycle.
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Direct Hire

We can support you with contingency hires, simple project recruitment or multi-national deployments, as well as on a retained search or 'search and selection' basis for highly specialised talent.
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Contract Staffing

Our industry-specific experienced recruiters will take time to understand your recruitment needs for Temp/Contract hire.
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Recruitment Admin Support

OceansTalent provides recruitment admin support by performing critical but sometimes mundane recruiting tasks.
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Headhunting and Executive Search

We offer industry-specific and targeted searches through our 300,000+ Internal candidate database and multi-million active and passive job seeker networks across various job boards.
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Pre-Employment Screening Test

Test your candidates on various metrics specific to your business requirements before signing them.
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VMS Support

Get more interviews and speed up the hiring process with higher fill rates can move up. We have designed this campaign to reduce hiring costs and speed up 5g implementation.
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Project-based Recruitment/Mass Hiring

Mobilisation of a team of specialised recruiters for big projects. Whether in advance or at the last minute, we have the network and expertise to provide a rapid turnaround.
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Prescreening Services

Sourcing, telephone screening, bilingual language assessments and social media profile synopses that save both time and energy before committing to interviews.
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Pre-Employment Verification

Quantitative and qualitative employment references, credit, criminal and educational background checks.
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Industries We Excel At

Information Technology



Health Care


Human Resources

Finance And Accounting



Administration And Operations

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To achieve global recognition for strategic recruitment services that helps our clients with powerful staffing solutions and strengthens the value of their human resources chain.


OceansTalent makes life easier for its clients. We do it by taking care of the people, process, technology, and strategy needed to make great hires for them.