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Need extra hands to meet your deadlines in time? We have got you covered. At Ocean Clicks Outsourcing, you can outsource your business requirements to India.

Outsource your growth

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Need extra hands to meet your deadlines in time? We have got you covered. At Ocean Clicks Outsourcing, you can outsource your business requirements to India. We have industry experts that can help you scale your business growth and save costs at the same time.

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BPO services

Outsource your projects to India and never miss a deadline anymore. Connect with the best BPO service providers and find the skilled labour required to complete your projects. We provide result-oriented services while making the overall project cost-effective. Our team apply the result-oriented approach to deliver the desired results.

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Lead generation services

Generate leads online and find new customers for your products and services by availing of our lead generation services. You can target potential customers with SMS, email, social media, and push notifications. We provide you with integrated organic and paid lead generation methods.

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Digital marketing services

Market your product and services with a perfect combination of organic SEO and paid advertisements. We provide you with website development, search engine optimisation, social media optimisation, and pay per click services.

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RPO Services

Find the right candidates suitable for your business growth. Avail of our RPO services to find the best full-time/part-time employees, contract workers, freelancers. It will help you save the time and efforts required to find the right person for a job.

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Back office support services

Increase your efficiency and avoid missing any deadlines. Move your focus from back-office functions that include data entry, data verification, and bookkeeping services to manage finances.

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Call centre services

You can hire a call centre in India to provide customer services to your users. Instead of having your customer care staff, you can handle most of the daily inquiries with a call centre service.

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Healthcare BPO

Avail of the best healthcare support for your back-office requirements. Our services help you save on operational costs by providing you with a skilled workforce. We help you manage your healthcare BPO requirements.

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Live Transfers

You can hire a call centre for cost-effective outsourcing and help you manage all live transfer services. Understand that you can lure a customer that reached out to you. Our live transfer services help you resolve your queries by connecting your call to the right business entrepreneur.

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Appointment Settings

Get noticed by key decision-makers in your industry and get qualified sales appointments to ensure high conversion rates. Our team uses multiple proven methodologies to increase sale opportunities for your business.

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Our highly experienced staff

Our highly experienced staff is trained to thoroughly evaluate your customer’s requirements and deliver the best solutions.

Pleased with the services, your customer will provide you glowing reviews for your products, services, and customer support.

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How do we operate?

We streamline the outsourcing process to fill in specific requirements of your projects. Here are the steps we follow for a smooth outsourcing operation.

Our team at Ocean Clicks Outsourcing helps businesses fast track their business growth.

Businesses from all across the world outsource their projects to our team in India. We hire the best people in all business verticals to help you provide quick support and the best outsourcing facilities.

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At Ocean Clicks Outsourcing, we redefine outsourcing processes. Our team has experience in implementing strategic methodologies that have delivered multifold growth to businesses. We have successfully collaborated in the growth story of many renowned businesses all across the globe for over a decade. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us over our competitors

Expand Your Business

Our team focuses on providing cost-effective outsourcing services without compromising the quality of work. We ensure you get the best value for money deal to help you grow your business exponentially. We help businesses save time and efforts in finding the right talent at affordable prices to minimise costs and maximise the work potential.

Managing Your Growth

Maximise the growth potential of your business with a wide range of services. We constantly deliver the desired results and provide constructive feedback to get the best returns on investment. Further, our team collaborate to implement innovative solutions to grow your business multifold times.

Reduce stress and workload

Running a business entirely by yourself can become tiring. To reduce your workload, you can outsource your projects and save time for the job. Our team have the best people and resources to manage your business requirements in the most effective way.

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