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Right from handling the business calls to providing them with all the required details, you can provide the finest support services to your customers.

Best Customer Service

Our staff will leave no stone unturned to provide the best customer service to existing and potential customers.

Car Dealership BDC Centre

Hire BDC centre and reduce your management costs

We offer 360-degree support assistance to your automotive business development centre (BDC). As a car dealership, you spend a lot on gaining internet leads, but all that efforts go into the drain when you can not covert them due to a lack of staff in your support centres.

We handle automotive internet leads by appointing professionals from the field and provide you with various fully automotive service offerings to maximise your returns on investment.

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Important questions

What is an Automotive BDC?

Automotive BDC is referred to as a virtual or outsourced BDC. It is a car dealership service that utilises a business development centre (BDC) to improve lead management. It focuses on improving the way a sale is handled to maximise the returns. An automotive or outsourced BDC provides many service opportunities to cut down costs per unit sale for dealerships.

High quality lead handling services

Typically, an automotive BDC is associated with handling inbound phone calls, emails, text messages, and chats.

Most automotive industry professionals understand that BDC’s are intended to help dealers provide high-quality lead handling services. Professionals improve the experience they provide to end customers.

Opportunities for your dealership business

We operate as an extension of your dealership that maximises your internet sales and makes your lead handling processes seamless.

We focus on delivering a personalised experience to every prospect, and we focus on creating more sale opportunities for your dealership business.

Happy Clients
BDCs Built
Appointments Set Annually
Service Revenue Annually
Gross Profit Annually

How do we help you improve sales conversions?

We help you grow your business by helping your customers purchase the right vehicles from your dealership online, or by setting up an appointment to make your job easier. We help fast track the process by identifying the customer’s requirements and suggesting them the right pick. We identify qualified leads and follow up with the leads to ensure maximum conversions.

We handle automotive internet leads by appointing professionals from the field and provide you with various fully automotive service offerings to maximise your returns on investment.
We set up a follow-up date as per the convenience of customers. We make quick notes about the details of the conversation to help anyone from the dealership follow up with the lead on the due date.
We follow up with the leads and facilitate an online sale or book an appointment with your dealership.
Our team is trained and well equipped to maximise the sale conversions.

Benefits for a car dealership

Here are a few benefits of hiring our BDC centre/services.

Maximise sale conversions

By converting all potential customers into sales, you can boost revenue for your auto dealership business. Our professional staff can help you follow up with all the customers and provide them with complete details about your offerings.

Never miss a lead

Never miss an opportunity due to a busy calling line. Answer all the calls to your store and convert every opportunity. We will guide your customers in every possible way.

Schedule appointments

Communicate with your customers effectively and convert more calls into appointments. We will help your potential customers clear their doubts and let them help you get to your city.

Provide complete offerings

Let your customers have complete assistance with their requirements. We provide 24/7 assistance to your customers so that they reach out to you well informed about your services.

Boost profits

By having us on board, you can save the money required for hiring full-time support staff without compromising on 24/7 assistance for your customers. It will help you reduce the expenses required for converting sales and providing assistance to customers.

Why choose us?

Our services set us apart from our competitors as we focus on maximising your return on investments (ROI). We value every lead and thoroughly follow up to find qualified leads and set appointments for you. We cover every leads including internet, chat, call, and reference leads. Having us, you need not worry to miss out on any leads as we micromanage each lead with our dedicated support staff. Having the best BDC service provider by your side, you can rely on our excellent communication skills. Our services will help you improve the conversion rates efficiently.

Features of our BDC centre

Here are the major features of our BDC centre/services

We facilitate the listed customer relationship management (CRM) services:

Customer relationship management services

Process training for dealership
Create a bucket for the dealer team to work from
Set up a 90-day workflow
Set up templates
Stop the clock
Insights reporting

Increase your in-store footfall now!

Maximise conversions of potential customers by hiring the best BDC support staff to assist your leads and resolving their queries. Our team helps you set up appointments with every qualified lead to maximise your return on investments (ROI). Get in touch with us now and ease up the lead conversion process today.